Hardship Grants for Single Mothers UK

Inflation isn’t the only cost rising throughout the UK, energy is too. It’s unlikely this is the first time hearing this, as it’s a fact that is restated consistently on the news. The ones to be hit hardest by this are low income houses, especially those with single parents. 

We are proud to announce that there is, indeed, a solution to provide single parents with a bit of breathing room. That solution is in the form of a government scheme that provides help from the rising costs of energy in the form of energy efficiency grants. For example, solar panel grants have been proven to save some households up to £505 per year on electricity bills. In some cases, money was even earned from the excess energy! 

So, what is the name of this scheme, and what are some of the other grants that are available to single parent households? Read on to find out more, and take note that some of the funding is only available for a set amount of time. 

What Grants are Available for Home Improvements UK?

Solar Grants, as a company, is responsible for providing a bridge between you and providers of solar panel grants and the installers. It is mainly through the ECO4 scheme and Boiler Upgrade Scheme that we are able to help you secure funding

The programmes are aimed at lower income houses and their energy efficiency. The ECO scheme, and its three previous incarnations, has helped tens of thousands across the UK. Be quick, as it is only available until March 2026. 

ECO 4 grants for single parents

Whilst ECO 4 is aimed at lower-income households, a particular distinction is made for single parents. 

The list of grants are few, but can cover a range of home energy efficiency measures. Some of these grants that are given cover wall insulation, loft insulation and exterior wall insulation. Each of these will have you saving at least a quarter in lost energy. Furthermore, there are grants that can be put towards heat pumps, useful for reducing the amount of heat needed from your boiler. 

Of course, you can also get a grant towards solar panels. Solar panels are great for reducing the amount of electricity your house needs by generating its own during the day, storing it within batteries for later use. 

Who qualifies for ECO4?

If the following applies to you, then you can apply for ECO 4 grants:

  • You are renting a home, or you own a home of your own 
  • You claim a benefit that is income-based, or you have income that is below a certain amount
  • You live in a property that has a low Energy Performance Certificate rating

Addressing the second point, the income threshold for a households is set at £30,000 or below. Alternatively, you are likely automatically eligible if you receive one of the following:

What other grants or financial assistance is available for single parents in the UK? 

If you are the sole provider of a child or children, then there are other forms of help you can turn to. 

We have answers to the questions a lot of curious single parents ask:

What money can you claim when you have a baby?

If you are pregnant, then you are entitled to maternity pay. Alongside paternity pay, this solution comes with grey areas on how and when you can claim it, so it pays to read up on it in advance. 

Who should claim child benefit?

Child benefit is payable to people who are raising a child within their household. This is payable to only single parents caring for a child under 16, although it can be raised to 20 if that child goes into full-time education or training.

How much do you get for child tax credit UK?

Child Tax Credit is aimed at people who look after children who are under the age of 16. It provides their guardian with up to £3,480 a year for their first child, with nearly £3000 for additional children. 

How do I qualify for working tax credit?

It’s only when you’re in receipt of child tax credit that you can apply for working tax credit. You must also be working a certain amount of hours based on how many children you have, and your age bracket. 

What is a parents’ learning allowance?

The Parents Learning Allowance is aimed at students who are also parents, and is to be used for their education. 

How much child care can I claim?

Support for those who use child care is in a much more grey area than other claims. The conditions in which you can get these grants vary. You would be best following this approved childcare link and using their calculator. 

What support can I get for a school child? 

If you have a child who is going to school, then there are several fees which you can get discounted or outright removed. These fees each go under their respective grants, lunch fees, school transport and school uniform costs.

Who is eligible for help with energy bills?

You can find several trusts and companies who are willing to help with the cost of utility bills as a result of this new oncoming crisis.

Remember, the majority of energy efficiency funding is time limited, so don’t be left behind. We take on all the administrative responsibility, and introduce you to trusted installers who can help you get solar and other home improvement measures should you be eligible for funding.

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Ollie has been writing about home improvements for around 3 years, with the majority of that time being focused on Government funding to improve UK household's energy efficiency. Ollie started writing about Government grants back when ECO3 was delivering free boilers. Now the focus of ECO4, SEG, LA Flex & other schemes is on renewable energy sources such as solar panel systems. Ollie is best placed to advise UK households on what grants they could qualify for and how they can reduce their energy bills through Government funding. Ollie and Solar Panel Grants have been featured in The Evening Standard, The Big Issue, Bustle & more.

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