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Up to £40,000 in Funding Available from GOV.UK

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Free grant funding is available to eligible households for a range of solar panel solutions.

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Up to £40,000 in Funding Available from GOV.UK

solar panel grants Scotland

The Warmer Homes Scotland scheme

The Scottish government’s Warmer Homes scheme was established to provide support and funding for households in Scotland that are struggling to keep their homes warm and pay their energy bills. This funding is essential, especially during a time of escalating energy prices which are causing economic hardship for many across the country.

Many households are looking to alternative ways of powering their homes and reducing their reliance on expensive and high carbon emission fossil fuels. Solar is one such option that people are looking towards to help lower their ongoing energy costs and make future bills more manageable. The Warmer Homes Scotland scheme can potentially help with that.

save on energy bills with solar panels in Scotland

Who can benefit from this scheme?

Warmer Homes Scotland is specifically designed to help homeowners make their properties warmer and more affordable to run by fitting various energy-saving improvements, one of which is solar panels. The government is providing solar panel grants in Scotland to people who own their homes, plus private sector tenants who have lived in their property for a minimum of twelve months, who are likely to face difficulties keeping up with their energy bills, and meet the eligibility criteria.

What could you get through the scheme?

The measures available to you will be based on a survey of your home. Assessors will survey your property and provide a recommendation on energy saving improvements they think are suitable for your home. This could include various types of insulation, heating, and or renewable energy systems like solar.

In many circumstances, all of the costs will be covered by the Scottish government grants. Keep in mind that funding can’t be given for work that has already been completed. All home improvements that are funded by this scheme need to be managed by an approved installer.

Sometimes a contribution from the customer will be needed for specific more expensive improvements, like solid wall insulation. An interest free loan scheme is available to help meet the cost of the customer contribution. This type of loan is managed by the Energy Saving Trust and will be subject to a credit check. Loan applications that are successful will incur an administration fee. More details on the loan will be provided if your offer has a customer contribution included.

free solar panels Scotland
Solar panels installed on a Scottish home

How will the scheme work for private tenants?

If you are a renting tenant in the private sector, your landlord will be told of the improvements that can be funded through the Warmer Homes Scotland scheme and which measures they might need to fund themselves directly. The landlord’s permission will be needed before any improvements can be fitted.

In recent years, restrictions have been added to the improvements that can be accessed through the scheme for customers living in privately rented properties. Private Rented Sector homes covered by the statutory Repairing Standard will now not be able to access home improvements that a landlord has a legal obligation to provide. These customers will still be able to qualify for other improvements on offer under the scheme if they are recommended for their home.

Who can qualify for Warmer Homes Scotland?

If you don’t meet the below criteria you don’t need to worry. You could be eligible for free solar panels in Scotland through the interest-free Home Energy loan, or a scheme based on your location and is nearer to you. To qualify for the scheme your household will need to meet all of the following criteria:

  • Own your home or be a tenant of a private-sector landlord.
  • Live in the home as your main residence.
  • Have lived in the property for a minimum of 12 months (unless receiving a DS1500 benefit).
  • Live in a property with an energy rating of 72 or lower and that is not more than 230 square metres in floor size.
  • Live in a house that meets the tolerable living standard set out in the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006. When the home doesn’t meet these standards, it won’t impact the effectiveness of the recommended measures for installation under the scheme.
  • Residents must not have have benefited from energy efficiency improvements through Warmer Homes Scotland in the last five years.

You should also meet one of the conditions below:

  • Be pensionable age, not have a working heating system, and be claiming a passport benefit*
  • Over 75 years old and getting a passport benefit
  • You are pregnant and/or have a child that is under 16 and claiming a passport benefit
  • Have a disability and are in receipt of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Have a disability and receiving a high rate of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) (either care or mobility part)
  • Have a disability and be receiving a low/medium rate of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) (care or mobility component) and be claiming an income-related benefit
  • Be a carer receiving Carer’s Allowance
  • Have been injured or disabled serving in the Armed Forces and be receiving Armed Forces Independence Payment/War Disablement Pension
  • Have an injury or disability from a disease or accident caused by work and be receiving an Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

*The eligible passport benefits are:

  • Guarantee element of Pension Credit
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Universal Credit or any benefits that are expected to be replaced by Universal Credit (Income-based JSA, Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit, Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, Housing Benefit)
  • Council Tax Reduction (not including 25% discount for a single occupant)
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Higher Rate Care or Mobility components of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment
  • War Disablement Pension
  • Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

Home Energy Scotland Loan

If you want to apply for a Home Energy Scotland Loan for solar panel funding in Scotland, you will need a quote from an installer to support your application. You could start your application now and save completing it for when your chosen installers have provided you with quotes.


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Up to £40,000 in Funding Available from GOV.UK

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Solar is a much greener alternative as it is a renewable form of energy and can be used to provide electricity and hot water for the home.

Did you know…

Solar panels are still able generate electricity on gloomy days. They require light not direct sunlight in order to function. The brighter the light is, the higher their electricity output.

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£10,000 in Free Grants to Install Solar in Your Home