Solar Panel Grants for Schools

How can solar panel grants benefit a school?

Solar panels provide schools with a cost effective low maintenance solution to powering their premises with greener energy. When combined with solar storage batteries, they will also be able to store any excess energy produced for later use.

Being a very obvious solar energy creator can function as as a good example for students and their families and prompt them to learn more about  solar and other renewables that are more beneficial to the environment.

Solar panels go hand in hand with education too as they can teach students about good environmental practices, innovative technology and the scientific advancements that led to the creation of solar panels, which has obvious links with subjects like science, geography, and design technology.

solar panel grants for schools
solar panels for schools

Budget savings

If you use a grant to get solar panels for your school you will see savings on your electricity bills and other essentials like hot water, lighting, and heating, which means freeing up funds for other key areas of operation.  With budgets in schools being increasingly squeezed, especially in the face of unprecedented energy bill costs, a shift towards solar could bring long-term savings. Also, solar PV systems are low maintenance and should function with minimal need for expensive repairs or on-going maintenance.

Lower carbon emissions

As a renewable source of energy, solar has been shown to have a positive impact on  that carbon footprint of organisations likes schools. By installing solar panels can reduce the amount of carbon emissions and mitigate several tonnes of greenhouse gases throughout the course of the school year.

Simple installation

Having solar panels fitted is a straightforward process and won’t cause disruption to your school’s working day. Even though it is preferable to organise the installation outside of term time, if this is not an option, students and teachers will still largely be unaffected and able to move around site without any risk. The installation process is quick and depending the the size of your solar installation would usually be completed within a couple of days.

Government solar panel grants for schools

Like many schools who have thought about switching to a renewable energy source, you might be concerned about the financial implications of such a move. Don’t worry, there are various government schemes in place that can help take the strain off when you are wondering how to fund the initial upfront installation costs. Some examples of schemes include the Energy Efficacy Financing (EEF) and Power Purchase Agreement programmes.

In some cases, projects can be 100% funded with a solar panel grant or heavily discounted with a smaller contribution being needed towards the cost. When the system is in place and operational, your school will quickly notice the reduced electricity costs and utility bills that will offset the initial investment.

Through the terms of a Power Purchase Agreement, schools, academies, and other higher education institutions can benefit from free solar panels. These will be fitted by qualified and professional installers to allow electricity to be generated and are then sold back to eligible customers at a cheaper rate than the National Grid. Contact us today to find out more about the solar grants that are available to schools.

Types of Solar Grants

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How your new solar set up will work for you

Generate Energy

Solar PV panels consist of multiple cells made from semiconducting materials, which generate electricity when light shines upon them.

Store Energy

The electricity created can be used, stored in a solar battery, or exported to the grid to receive money from the energy companies.

Works even on gloomy days

Solar panels require light, not solely direct sunlight, in order to generate electricity, meaning they can continue to produce electricity even on cloudy days.

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