Which benefits qualify for solar panel grants?

Funding grants for the installation of solar panels comes from the government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. This scheme aims to reduce carbon emissions across the UK, while also helping households that might otherwise struggle with the costs of heating their home in the face of rapidly rising heating costs. The new terms of the scheme, ECO4, which came into effect in April 2022 differs slightly from its predecessor (ECO3) in relation to the benefits individuals can receive in order to be eligible for solar panel grants.

The ECO4 scheme is more focused on household income than just focusing on those receiving benefits in general, meaning lower-income homes can still access solar panel grants even though they do not claim any government benefit.  Previously, many low-income homes had been ineligible for similar grants because they didn’t actually receive any relevant government benefits.

That said, income-related benefits are still a relevant consideration when it comes to eligibility under some aspects of the scheme, and if you are receiving one of the following you could qualify for a solar panel grant.

  •       Income-based Jobseekers Allowance (JSA)
  •       Income-related Employment Support Allowance (ESA)
  •       Income Support (IS)
  •       Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  •       Working Tax Credit (WTC)
  •       Child Tax Credits (CTC)
  •       Universal Credit (UC)
  •       Housing Benefit (now an eligible benefit under ECO4)
  •       Pension Credit Savings Credit (now an eligible benefit under ECO4)
We have set up pages for more information for certain qualifying groups; 


What is the ECO4 scheme?

Through the government’s ECO scheme, leading energy companies are obliged to provide grants that can help those who qualify to get access to renewable and energy-efficient forms of heating like installing solar panels. The grants are provided by the main energy suppliers through ECO4, delivering funding for solar panels for free, or at a fraction of the price they would usually cost. The scheme is open to UK homeowners or private tenants (with the landlord’s permission) that are claiming a benefit or have a household income of below £31,000, and you could take advantage of it today.

Can the ECO4 scheme help pensioners get solar panel grants?

Energy bills are increasing year on year, meaning heating your home is very costly, particularly during the winter months. If you qualify for a solar panel grant, this will provide you with a “greener” method of heating that will not only save you a significant amount of money on heating expenses long term but also reduce your carbon footprint and live a more environmentally-friendly existence. The ECO4 scheme includes Pension Credits as part of the qualifying benefits for solar panel grants, meaning we can help pensioners across the UK apply for free or discounted solar panels now.

Do you have to be a homeowner to qualify?

You don’t have to own your home to qualify for a solar panel grant. If you are a privately renting tenant you can still get a grant, but you will need the permission of your landlord before applying for a grant. The ECO4 scheme focuses increasingly on the income in your household, so if your income is lower than £31,000 or someone in the home is claiming one of the benefits listed above, and your type of home is suitable to have solar panels fitted, it is likely you will qualify for a solar panel grant.

You can quickly and easily find out if you qualify for a solar panel grant by filling in a few details on our website now. 

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