Government Energy Grants – What’s Available

Grants for solar panels

The default source of electricity has traditionally been from the national grid, generated from a range of fossil fuels, including coal, natural gas and oil. However, these fuels are not without their environmental downsides which is why governments across the world have been trying to push for more renewable, green sources of energy that will […]

What Is The ECO4 Scheme & How to Apply

ECO4 scheme

In 2013, a scheme was introduced to the public called the Energy Company Obligation (ECO Scheme). The Energy Company Obligation put the responsibility of improving energy efficiency across the least energy-efficient homes in the UK onto successful energy companies. Energy suppliers would then be responsible for the funding behind the grants within the ECO4 Scheme. […]

Free Grants for Low-Income Families UK

free grants for low income families

Did you know that there are free grants for low-income families in the UK that you could be entitled to? Cost-of-living payments are increasing across the board, and few measures are being made for low-income families. Energy bills in particular are most affected, almost doubling in a single year. In response, the government has been […]

Is it still beneficial to switch energy supplier in 2023?

switching energy suppliers

The spiralling cost of home energy has led households to look to alternatives, and one of those options traditionally has been to look to switch energy supplier. But are there really any real benefits to be had by switching energy supplier in 2023? While in the past it often paid off to shop around for […]

Hardship Grants for Single Mothers UK

grants for single mothers

Inflation isn’t the only cost rising throughout the UK, energy is too. It’s unlikely this is the first time hearing this, as it’s a fact that is restated consistently on the news. The ones to be hit hardest by this are low income houses, especially those with single parents.  We are proud to announce that […]

Warm Homes Fund

warm homes fund

What is the Warm Homes Fund? The WHF is a scheme designed to support households that are affected by fuel poverty. This initiative was put together by Local Authorities (LAs), landlords and miscellaneous organisations. It was brought on by the large onset of homes that were reporting being unable to heat their properties to suitable […]

Local Authority Delivery (LAD) Scheme

lad scheme

As part of the £2 billion Green Homes Grant scheme which was introduced in 2020 to upgrade homes across England with energy efficient improvements, £500 million in funding was given to Local Authorities through the LAD (Local Authority Delivery) scheme. This means that councils and local authorities can apply for funding to create energy efficient […]

LA Flex Scheme

la flex scheme

What is LA Flex? Local Authority Flexible Eligibility, typically known as LA Flex, is a branch of the government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, with greater emphasis being placed on it in the latest phase of the scheme, ECO4. LA Flex gives councils and local authorities the power to set the eligibility criteria in their […]

What government grants are there for home improvements?

government grants for home improvements

Can you get government grants for home improvements? There is a wide range of different grants available for home improvements and house repairs, provided by the government. Some of these grants and schemes include: The Green Deal Scheme Energy Company Obligation (ECO4 launched in late 2022) Renewable Heat Incentive (now closed to new applications) Boiler […]

Government benefits for 60-year-olds UK: What could you be eligible for?

Government grants for over 60s

Workplaces have pension schemes that you pay into throughout your work life, only ever gaining access to it at the age of 66. It’s widely considered to be the main source of help that you will get at this age bracket, but the age of 60 opens up other avenues that you should take into […]

£10,000 in Free Grants to Install Solar in Your Home